Loner M6

Monitor Employees Working Alone

Safety monitoring device with 3G wireless and two-way voice calling

Employees working alone face the risk of injury, health incidents and physical assault in the workplace. Blackline’s Loner M6 continuously monitors the safety of lone workers and alerts monitoring personnel in real-time if the unexpected occurs. Respond in the fastest time possible to your employee’s precise location.

Loner M6 delivers a powerful combination of technologies that can pinpoint the precise location of an employee—indoors, outside and on the road.

New assisted-GPS technology provides a precise location when leaving buildings and outdoors.

Blackline’s proprietary Loner Beacon indoor location technology delivers precise positioning in the most complex of facilities.

Emergency responders are directed to the lone worker’s precise location so time is never lost searching.


  • Two-way voice calling – Monitoring personnel can speak with the employee.
  • SureSafe monitoring light – Confidently know when safety is monitored.
  • True Fall Detection & alerting – Differentiates falls from other activity.
  • Emergency latch and alerting – Help is a latch release away.
  • Person-down detection and alerting – Lack of worker motion generates alert.
  • Superior network coverage – Multi-network roaming in many countries provides industry leading coverage.
  • GPS Positioning – Unlimited live, continuous and scheduled locating.
  • Precise indoor positioning – Location beacons provide adjustable resolution.


  • Global awareness of your workforce’s real-time safety
  • Quickly mobilize an emergency response by mapping worker locations in Loner Portal
  • Real-time safety alerting increases awareness of safety incidents
  • Achieves regulatory compliance as required in some regions
  • Reduces mobile worker anxiety about safety
  • An automated system that does not require manual worker check-in
  • Immediate alert is triggered when the worker is incapacitated
  • Customizable location scheduling provides bread-crumb of worker locations
  • Easy training for workers and monitoring personnel
  • Affordable for both small business or corporate deployment
  • Compatible with Loner Beacon indoor / outdoor location technology
  • Loner system alerts monitoring personnel even when Loner-Portal is not used
  • Emergency escalation list provides multiple layers of alerting to ensure an incident is addressed quickly
  • Easy-to-use web-based portal for efficient mapping and setup
  • Customizable portal account implementation for diverse customer needs
  • Units can be configured quickly and easily over-the-air without manually plugging thedevice in
  • Sharing of Loner devices across multiple Loner Portal user accounts
  • Firmware upgradable over-the-air accommodates future enhancements
  • Web-hosted Loner Portal user account—no software to install
  • API for custom software development


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