Loner App

construction1Turn your employees’ iPhone®, Android™ or BlackBerry® into a leading safety monitoring platform.

Employees often work alone or interact with members of the public and require a simple, non-intrusive solution to monitor their ongoing safety.

Blackline Safety’s Loner® Mobile lone worker safety app was designed specifically to meet the needs of employees working alone in unpredictable situations.

You can easily transform your employees’ smartphones into reliable safety monitoring devices when they’re working outdoors, especially when they are required to focus on the road.

Loner Mobile fits into a lone worker’s routine and replaces productivity-draining check-in procedures. Unlike some competitive smartphone apps that only call a buddy list, Loner Mobile alerts monitoring personnel who can make a difference through an empowered, pin-point emergency response to the lone worker’s location.


  • Fall detection
  • No-motion detection
  • Messaging
  • Speaker phone
  • SOS alert
  • Check-in
  • GPS location
  • Indoor location compatible
  • Gas alarms


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